Extractives Hub promo
Cinematographer/Sound Promo for Extractives Hub funded by UK Aid. Greg Atkins Productions for Adam Smith International
Making Space for Creativity
Producer/Co-Director and Camera This film marks the end of a five year research project undertaken at the Brighton University Creativity Centre. The Centre researched aspects of creativity, its effective practice and application & has been researching and developing ways to support creativity in teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond
Charles Douglas-Home Memorial Trust Lecture
Director/Camera/Editor The University of Buckingham & Charles Douglas-Home Memorial Trust Lecture. HARRY MOUNT ‘Betrayal of Trust: How the National Trust is Losing its Way’
The New School - clip
Director/Camera/Editor An experimental documentary exploring time, memory and imagination through children's responses to an archive film about the building of their own school. Combining archive and contemporary footage to connect two generations of pupils 40 years apart at Eastergate Junior School, near Chichester
What the Neighbours Saw
Director/Camera/Producer What The Neighbours Saw gives an insight into one family’s obsession. This story about the Season of Goodwill unfolds into a tale of modern suburban living and the true spirit of Xmas. How much do we really know about our neighbours and what they think about us?
Exploring Community University Partnerships
Director/Camera/Producer A demonstrator project to encourage knowledge exchange between universities and their communities across the South East England coastal region. Bringing together academics, community practitioners, students and community members to address areas of concern in relation to enhancing health and wellbeing
Director/Camera Deaf choreographer and dance artist Chisato Minamimura led an experimental one week project which saw the development of a new bespoke score. This film documents the process of the workshop with a focus on sound, movement and the development of verbal/non verbal communication between Chisato and her dancers
Chisato Minamimura app
Director/Camera This app showcases the work, and working processes, of choreographer Chisato Minamimura. As a Deaf artist, she has a unique approach to choreography – creating what she calls ‘visual sound/ music’. Cusp Inc for Arts Council England
BOOK Music & Lyrics
Director/Camera Promo for BOOK, Music & Lyrics, a UK based programme of ongoing workshops for the creation, crafting and development of musical theatre writing and related specialist skills
Journey of the Piano Tuner
Director/Camera An intimate, poetic documentary that tells the extraordinary story of Anva Luc and the day that changed his life. Using dreams and memories the film reveals his dramatic journey from Vietnam to a new life in England
Sprungdigi Workshop
Director/Camera A documentary including participant music & animation. The Sprungdigi workshop at Lighthouse Brighton was devised to help learning disabled young adults and community to access creative ways to express their lives using digital creativity
Laughing & Shouting - clip
Director/Camera/Producer Observational documentary about the now closed Futcher Special School in Portsmouth, UK. Focussing on the teaching methods, love, care and respect between teachers, assistants and pupils
Sprung Digi Horsham Festival
Director/Camera Horsham's first ever free digital arts festival featuring the work of learning disabled people, so often excluded from the creative & social benefits of digital technology. SprungDigi Festival was the first of its kind, featuring digital interactive artworks using around the town centre, created by learning disabled groups from the area
The Expert View - clip
Director/Camera Daily Life Ltd delivered a series of drawing workshops in East London. The aim was to explore 'expertise' and to come up with a new way of measuring it. Responding to Bobby Baker's Diary Drawings, participants reflected on expertise and their own experiences around art, daily life and their own mental health
The Neil Cowley Trio - In The Studio
Director/Camera/Producer Observational documentary for Naim Records about the Neil Cowley Trio recording sessions for the ‘Radio Silence’ album. Stereo sound mix
Sound Moves
Director/Camera Deaf choreographer Chisato Minamimura staged a one week development dance lab working with digital animator Dave Packer and digital sound artist Wesley Goatley. A simple score was shared with a diversity of disabled dancers who were encouraged to improvise and create their own beautiful visualisations in the moment
Our Place Workshop - clip
Director/Camera The Sprungdigi 'Our Place' digital workshop at QE11 school in Horsham, exploring the creative use of digital technology to enhance the life of learning disabled users
Nick Cave - The Weeping Song
Cinematographer Music Video for Mute Records
Felt - Stained Glass Windows In The Sky
Director/Camera Music Video for Creation records
The Dukes Of Stratosphear
Director You're A Good Man Albert Brown. Music Video for Virgin Records
Soho - Hippychick
Cinematographer Music video for WEA Records
Edwyn Collins - Don't Shilly Shally.
Director/Producer Music Video for Creation Records
Emptifish - Surfboard
Director/Camera/Editor Music Video for Emptifish 'Surfboard.' A day in the life of English south coast punk surf band Emptifish
Apple Boutique - Love Resistance
Director/Camera/Editor Music Video for Creation Records
What The neighbours Saw - Open City DocFest Nominee
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